Unidentifed Woman  , March 2017, An exhibition in response to the collections of Historic Northampton and the forces that have shaped women’s identities since the 18th century, Historic Northampton, Northampton MA
   Beastiary  , January / February 2016, A collection of surreal whimsical beasts who embody the vulnerabilities about self-image, identity, gender, ethnicity and status, Maud Morgan Center for the Arts, Cambridge, MA
   WHACK!  , September 2015, A pop-up exhibit  of two boston based artists who are drawn to the challenge of showing in a non-traditional space such as this vacant storefront in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. WHACK! refers to the intensity of color and texture on view and the immediacy and urgency of a very short (three day) exhibit, Beacon Hill, Boston MA
   China Sampler 6  , October / November 2014, Embroideries onto 1960 Mao Propaganda magazine pages found in my China studio. They are stitched using traditional patterns with threads scavenged from the refuse of a nearby factory, Da Wang Cultural Highland, Da Wang, Shenzhen China
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