STINGER, 7x24x17 feet, wire armature built by hand, found doilies dyed black, mixed threads.  The centerpiece sculpture for my inaugural show LOOM LARGE at Boston Sculptors Gallery. Inspired by a residency in rural Thailand, it features sculptures and drawings that query the social structures embodied in objects, and investigate the complex, often entangled qualities of power, emergence, and fear.
 LOVE AND HOPE AND SEX AND DREAMS, 2018, 6x6x8 in., ostrich egg, vintage quilt, graphite
 READY OR NOT, 2018, 6x10x29 in., emu egg, mixed threads, human prosthetic eye
   Unidentifed Woman  , March 2017, An exhibition in response to the collections of Historic Northampton and the forces that have shaped women’s identities since the 18th century, Historic Northampton, Northampton MA  Live performance during opening reception with unidentified women acting as human pedestals.   The headwear and images create a cohesive, powerful, and strikingly beautiful exhibit, one that raises important questions about the position of women in society, both historically and today.  -Jenny Miller Sechler,  Paradise City Press
   WHACK!  , September 2015, A pop-up exhibit  of two boston based artists who are drawn to the challenge of showing in a non-traditional space such as this vacant storefront in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. WHACK! refers to the intensity of color and texture on view and the immediacy and urgency of a very short (three day) exhibit, Beacon Hill, Boston MA
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